Infertility Support and Counseling

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These words can be challenging and complicated depending on who is asking!



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  • treatment resources (traditional and non-traditional)
  • understanding the types of care available
  • how to choose a physician infertility specialist
  • managing the stress for yourself or you and your partner
  • options for funding your care
  • help with the grief and depression resulting from unsuccessful  treatment or miscarriage
  • third party reproduction for same sex couples
  • couples support and counseling
  • educational and legal resources
  • sexual problems getting in the ways of pregnancy
  • surrogacy
  • psychosocial evaluations required for infertility treatment

What is infertility?

The traditional medical definition of infertility is “not getting pregnant after 12 months of unprotected intercourse, if you are under 35 years of age and 6 months of trying if you are over 35 unless there are conditions such as, but not limited to, undiagnosed male or female conditions such as blocked fallopian tubes or poor quality sperm.

This definition is based on the traditional view of a man and woman trying to get pregnant, but today there are so many variations of “trying to get pregnant,” such as:

  • single  women
  • two women
  • single men
  • two men
  • multiple parent configurations

The above parental configurations get help from:

  • anonymous egg donors
  • known egg donors
  • gestational carriers paid
  • gestational carriers volunteer
  • anonymous sperm donors
  • known sperm donors
  • multiple combinations of the above

All couples are different and some aren’t couples but rather single women or men trying to get pregnant on their own with donor sperm or known donor sperm.   Same sex couples have many options. Some male/female couples chose to reproduce without sexual intercourse.

There is no right or wrong way to get pregnant. Fortunately medical care provides an increasingly vast array of options for those trying to get pregnant regardless of the method or family configuration.

Infertility treatment is often a stressful process medically, emotionally and  financially.  This treatment is different from many other forms of medical treatment in terms of its duration, complexity and emotional challenges. Infertility treatment can take weeks of visits for each treatment cycle based on the female menstrual cycle.  The treatment can be expensive and there can be confusing treatment choices tied to even more confusing financing schemes.

Infertility Support and Counseling

As an infertility counselor I can help you sort out the issues and choices on the path you are considering pursuing.  If you are proceeding either as a couple, single or multi-party family configuration we can work one on one or with the couple or group depending on where you are in the planning for your family building process.

The services I provide are a combination of educational, counseling and referrals.  If individual, couple or group counseling is needed your “out of network” health care insurance may cover all or part of the cost of the service.

I am a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) in New York and New Jersey and was the administrative director of a large New York City comprehensive infertility center for over ten years.  Over these years I have presented numerous talks on, how to be successful in the treatment process, financing infertility treatment and the male experience of infertility.

My offices are on the Upper West Side of Manhattan (close to the 79th Street stop on the 1 train) and in in New Jersey in Northern Ocean County My fee for an initial session (recommended is 75 minutes) is $250.  Lower fees may apply for sessions with less time.  My fee may be reimbursable through your healthcare insurance depending on the type of help you need and whether you have out of network health mental health insurance care coverage.  I also have a sliding scale based on financial need.


Click here or on my home page for the link to The American Society for Reproductive Medicine.  They have a wonderful data base of “Fact Sheets” open to the public with many of the topics that you will have questions about over the course of your medical treatment.

Also the Society for Reproductive Technology ( maintains the database of the live birth rates of most infertility centers around the United States.  This is an excellent resource for helping select your infertility physician and it is important to review the SART notices about what to be aware of when reviewing  centers’ live birth data.


If you are in a couple you can come alone or with your partner. If your partner is not ready to talk about the challenges of the treatment then coming alone is a great way to get started and to take care of yourself.



Let me know if you have any questions or would like to schedule a time to talk briefly on the phone.  Please use the form below to provide me at least two times that I can reach you on the phone and I will confirm by email which of the times I will call.  You can also call 917-757-0459 and leave a message and I will contact you as soon as possible.   I am available to see you in New Jersey on Saturdays at the above address. Please specify in your message which office and your preferred times for our session.
If you have out of network mental health insurance benefits I may be able to bill your insurance directly.  In addition I offer an income based sliding scale fee reduction.

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