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I understand that for most people it is difficult to ask for help. Seeking counseling or psychotherapy can be threatening due to society’s stereotypes that only seriously ill people need emotional help.  Counseling is becoming more acceptable as seen over recent years in the media and TV entertainment programs.

I work with a number of issues including:

▪   Couples and Individual Counseling

▪   Sex therapist for sexual function problems for men and women

▪   Same-Sex and Single Parent Families

▪   Relationship Issues

▪   Career and Life Transitions

▪   Divorce, Co-parenting and Blended Families

▪   Infertility, Post-Partum Adjustment and Third-Party Family Building

▪   Men specific issues (FOR MEN ONLY)

▪   Work place issues

▪   Spirituality

▪   Sexual identity issues

▪   Depression

▪   Anxiety

▪   Loss and grief

  • EMDR Therapy

Scientific research discovers more each year about how the brain and our emotional lives work together and how with effort and assistance we can change our lives for the better.  I believe in our potential for change and that together we can discover the beliefs and emotional reactions that are getting in the way of the satisfying life that you seek. We can work together on problem solving around specific areas such as work, relationships or other issues that are disrupting your life.

Counseling and psychotherapy provide a safe and confidential place to work on your concerns and/or life goals. Communication during our session progresses at a pace set by you.

I work with men and women 20 or older in individual, couple or family sessions.  I have expertise in the complexities of family building, infertility and same sex third party reproduction. See “infertility counseling and support” for more details in the “Services” tab at the top of this page. In addition, I also specialize in working with men who are struggling with the challenges of asking for help and discussing problems associated with difficult topics such as sexual problems, intimacy difficulties, loneliness and isolation, family and issues with relationships or employment.

How does therapy or counseling work?

Everyone is different and experiences life’s challenges in different ways. Each of us are in different states of readiness to tackle the difficult problems we face.  Each of the major stages of life brings new challenges with ourselves, careers and relationships.  I rely on a number of different treatment methods to work with you to understand and take on the challenge that you bring to our work together.

Counseling and psychotherapy are generally considered to be similar. Counseling tends to be problem focused and short term and Psychotherapy can work more comprehensively on life challenges over a longer time.

Research has consistently demonstrated that one of the most important factors in successful treatment is the relationship, trust and empathy that develops between the therapist and individual.  We will work on the issues you want to work on at the pace that is comfortable for you.  At the end of our first meeting we will talk about whether you feel that our relationship and work is feels right for you.  It is very important that you feel our relationship is a good match for what you need!





Let me know if you have any questions or would like to schedule a time to talk briefly on the phone.  Please use the form below to provide me at least two times that I can reach you on the phone and I will confirm by email which of the times I will call.  You can also call 917-757-0459 and leave a message and I will contact you as soon as possible.   I am available to see you in New Jersey on Saturdays at the above address. Please specify in your message which office and your preferred times for our session.
If you have out of network mental health insurance benefits I may be able to bill your insurance directly.  In addition I offer an income based sliding scale fee reduction.

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